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November 22, 2017

Black and Gold Friday 2017!

We've been really busy the past couple months working on moving into new locations on both the east and west coasts... so we've been lax in generating our monthly sales posts... but hopefully all will be forgiven because this one is going to be BIG!  First up we have our monthly sales for November... and then our Black and Gold Friday Sale, which will extend through Cyber Monday.  



The V for Vendetta Sale! (11/5/17)

In the movie, the main character, V, is channeling Guy Fawkes, who you are supposed to "remember... remember, on the Fifth of November, the Gunpowder Treason Plot", when he failed to blow up the English House of Lords.  The English Parliament thought it was a cause for celebration that they weren't blown up, however in recent popular culture Fa wkes is seen as an anti-establishment revolutionary and that his success should have been what was celebrated, not his failure, and the mantle has been further taken up by the internet hacker group "Anonymous."   To celebrate sticking it to the establishment and their fiat currency while maintaining your anonymity... pay us in Bitcoin on or before November 5th and we'll take 10% off your bill.  


The God(zilla) of Thunder Sale!  

Thor: Ragnarock opens in theaters this weekend, and is being heralded as the best Marvel movie to date!  Being a comic book nerd, I saw it opening night... and Thor definitely takes up the mantle of the God of Thunder this time!  (Spoiler Alert... He's not the God of Hammers.)  The sound of thunder is one of the most amazing things in nature... so to celebrate... any parts that make your GT-R thunderously loud (downpipes, midpipes, catbacks, cams, blow off valves, etc.) are 10% off all month long!  


The Age is Just a Number Sale!

November 13th is my Birthday!  Since it's just a number and I'll be 29 until my hair starts falling out (going on the 7th time this year!)... I'll arbitrarily and with no significance to the date take the number 1,113 (in dollars) off any total project bill booked with us on or before my birthday!  


The Meteor Shower Sale!

The Alpha monocerotid meteor shower occurs between November 15th-25th.  You should probably go out and watch it instead of modding your car... but we'll call it close enough by offering free shipping or free installation on any AMS Alpha parts ordered from us during the event.    


The Lung Cancer Awareness Sale!

Don't Vape.  You look dumb doing it and it'll likely kill you just as fast as smoking, especially if it tastes like fruity pebbles or some other crazy chemical concoction.  Similarly... your car shouldn't blow smoke either.  All Air/Oil Separators and Flex Fuel Kits are shipped or installed for free all month long.


The Dia-beet-us Sale!

Who thought it was a good idea to have National Diabetes Awareness Month directly following halloween...?  What better way to get rid of all that sugary corn starch than by burning it in your engine... All ID injectors, fuel pumps/assemblies, fuel pump hardwire kits, and 12 injector setups suitable for E85 use are 5% off all month long.  


The Driving Impairment Prevention Sale!

November is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month... So to make sure you're not too weak or disabled to win races... any turbo kit upgrades purchased from us this month will be installed at 50% off labor.  (Cue Inigo Montoya saying "I do not think that means what you think it means...")


The Prematurity Awareness Sale!

Continuing our trend of "I do not think that means what you think it means..." No one wants to leave the line early in a drag race (Unless you're UGR)... so purchase a Cobb Accessport from us this month, so you can take advantage of their new launch control programming, traction control, and rolling launch, and we'll tune your car for free.  


The Great American Smokeout Sale!

We might as well milk "I do not think that means what you think it means" one more time... Any drag wheel/tire package, or for that matter, any tires ordered from us by the Third Thursday of the month will get free shipping, but only if you post a pic of you doing a burnout with them... We'll also gladly supply a KAPS controller at 10% off to make it easier to do it!






And now... onto our annual Black and Gold Friday Sale! (11/24-11/27)


BLACK - All Black GTR's get free labor on routine maintenance at either shop booked during the event!  

GOLD - All parts available in Gold get free labor on installation purchased during the event!


BLACK AND GOLD - TSM Elite+ Turbo Kits (with their black coating and gold compressor wheels) purchased from us during the event will be installed for free!  


BLACK - All Black Edition GTR's get 10% off any orders placed during the event!

GOLD - Pay us in Gold (Or Bitcoin, whose logo is Gold colored and is more valuable than it) and we'll install the parts at 25% off labor.


BLACK AND GOLD - Purchase a WGP-spec engine package from us during the event (with our signature Black and Gold Powdercoating and hardware) and the short block will only be $5000.  (Normally $6800)


BLACK - All Carbon Fiber Parts get free shipping during the event

GOLD - All parts from Australia (AU) (Get it?!)  (Dodson, WillAll, etc.) are 10% off during the event


BLACK AND GOLD - Book a full build with us during the event that will represent the WGP Black and Gold by taking the car to TX2K18 and we'll do the job with zero labor charges!  (*fine print* refunded in cash during your attendance at TX2K!)