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Apex Brake Kit

Due to GM's decision to reduce the C6 ZR1 CCM Rotor production, we've decided to make some changes to our GTR CCM Brake Kit:
1. We've seen growing demand for a "Front Only" solution for the drag racing crowd that is using 15" rear wheels, so going forward if you want a front-only kit, we'll be using C7 Z06 Rotors (390mm) that require no caliper modifications to the front to be truly bolt-on. The price of the kit will be $4500 plus shipping including drag specific pads. If you have a 2009-2011, you'll require a caliper spacer which will be $125.
2. If you want a complete kit, we've decided to start using a custom CCM front/rear rotor combination that will be direct bolt on at all four wheels with no modifications to the calipers or dust shields using a new hat design that will still be the lightest available to the market. These new rotors will also run cooler and last longer than the GM ZR1 discs we currently use. The kit will come pre-assembled so you can bolt it on quickly and easily. The price of the new complete kit will be $10,995 including SS brake lines plus shipping and should be the last kit you'll ever need to buy. Again, caliper spacers for 2009-2011 cars will be $125.  For the complete kit, there will be 4 pad choices available and included depending on the intended use of the vehicle. 
3. If you want to continue to try to source your own C6 ZR1 rotors/pads from GM either new or used, we'll be selling our original version hats-only kit for $1200 shipped to the US.
4. We can still source C6 Z06 components, but their price fluctuates and modifications to your brake components are necessary.