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Driven Innovations Race Intercooler

We're proud to introduce the Driven Innovations Race Intercooler Kit

  • Largest 4.5" Intercooler On The Market By Far And Only Intercooler For GTR35 Using Garrett Cores (22x18x4.5 Core 1782ci) 28% Larger Compared To Competitors Core. (22x14x4.5 Core 1386ci), and is still larger than competitors 5.5" cores!
  • Largest 6" Intercooler on the Market By Far at 22x18.5x6 (Over 20% Larger than Competitors 6" Cores)
  • Full Billet Aluminum Endtanks And Billet 3D Profile End Caps
  • Full 3.0" Aluminum Mandrel Bent Piping (Every Necessary Pipe Included)
    • The First Kit for Sale Utilizing Short Route Piping Design
    • The First And Only Kit That includes 3in Standard Cold Air Intakes
    • The First And Only Kit That Offers 3.5In or 4in Cold Air Intakes (Optional)
    • Blow Off Valve Pipe Included With Tial Flanges, Bracketed
    • Tubing Bracketed
    • Lower Piping Bracketed Around Oil Cooler and reservoir (Prevents Potential Leak)
    • Produces near ambient IATs during WOT pulls in 4th gear at full boost over 1000whp!
    • One Piece Upper and Lower Piping
  • Billet Driven Innovations MAP Sensor Bung
  • Bumper Crash Beam Spacer
  • Clears Factory Crash Beam No Cutting
  • Clears Factory Bumper Cover
  • Clears Factory Under Tray
  • Clears Factory Fender Wells (Important When Fully Locked)
  • All 4 Ply Couplers And High Quality SS T-bolt Clamps
  • All Piping Powder Coated Flat Black
  • Requires Minimal Trimming Of Plastic OEM Shroud
  • WGP Custom Color Scheme
  • WGP Pre-Cut Radiator Shrouds available on core exchange
  • WGP Optional ALL VanJen Clamp Upgrades Available
  • One Piece Upper and Lower Intercooler Piping for minimal transitions
  • WGP Custom Boost Logic / AMS Intake Manifold Fitment Piping