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Cobb WGP Optimized OTS Maps

We've optimized the Cobb Tuning "Off The Shelf" Maps for the Nissan GT-R and added some extra options not available in them!  

All of our maps are for 3" Intakes, Speed Density enabled, with Flex Fuel available. Rolling Boost, Boost Off The Line, Traction Control, and advanced safety features are also enabled, while adding additional horsepower and torque over the Cobb base calibrations!

Our "Off The Shelf" Maps are for several popular fuel injector setups including ID1000, ASNU 1100cc, ID1300, and SIR/Bosch 1000cc injectors. 

If interested in dialing in the maps provided for your custom setup, we can do so for $1 / whp generated on the tune, less the base payment paid for by purchasing our base maps.  For example... if you have a bolt on E85 flex fuel tune, you can expect to make around 600whp, so you could purchase our base flex fuel tune and then pay $300 at a later date for tune optimization!

All of our OTS maps include a free datalog review to verify mechanical health and tune suitability for your setup after installation.  If more than one revision is needed after flashing, and/or we are required to diagnose mechanical issues, the tune will become "custom." 

Gains of ~30whp and ~40ft/lbs of torque can be expected over the base Cobb Calibrations!

*Please add the serial number of your Cobb AP and year of your car in the order notes when adding the tune to your shopping cart!*