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WGP R35 E85 Flex Fuel Kits

Our R35 GT-R Flex Fuel E85 kits contain all OEM quality push to connect fittings that transition with optional AN lines so that the kits can be adapted to both stock and aftermarket fuel systems, as well as be highly durable to heat and stress. They are both Cobb and EcuTek compatible, and all of our AN hose ends use high quality crimp connections.

For stock fuel system cars, we'll be supplying the Zeitronix/Continental style pass through sensor which can be mounted to the OEM fuel line support brackets.

For aftermarket fuel systems where space is at a premium, we'll be supplying the slim GM style flow through sensor, which we've actually found possible to mount in the fuel tank cover area, or in the engine bay.

All Kits include a Plug and Play electrical connection harness.

Add on a Zeitronix Ethanol Content Display with our extended harness for concealed mounting in your glovebox.